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Talkback: Jessica Alba feels she's "officially" a mum now she'll have two children


  • I do get sick of people saying "oh you can't have one" it's not fair on the child.

    Well what happens if you can only have one???
  • What a shame that she couldn't feel like a proper mum with one child - I think that's a bit sad. As for having siblings in order to provide company for each other, well what a nonsense. Siblings often don't even like each other from my observations and there is much research to prove that only children are much happier. Have whatever you like or are able..and keep your sad, ill informed comments to yourself..and that includes you too, MFM...why publicise inflammatory comments?
  • I felt just as much a mum when I only had the one child ad I do now with my 4 children.
  • Having a two week year old, and my partner going back to work today, and her suffering from a bad tummy, I'm definitely an official mummy. I can't imagine how hard it would be to have a young child and then another baby (altho i'll prob find out in a few yrs) but its hard enough with just the one. Totally worth it though xxx
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