Talkback: How your breasts change in pregnancy


  • This is my 1st time and this is SCARRRRYYYY!!!! OMG! I don’t want stretch marks, any good suggestion’s brands of cream/oil
  • I'm 31 weeks and have gone from a 36C to a 38DD!  During my first trimester they were exremely sensitive and tender, then they felt ok for a few weeks and now they just ache most of the time.  Hubby's a booby man tho so he loves it (LOL)!!!!! image

  • when do these signs, like the sudden hardening of the nipples and then goes back to being tender show? i need reply please. asap. thanks.
  • I'm still my own self, pretty much! Am a 34A. But now 36A, super full though. I don't want any bigger than this.
  • This my 2nd pregnancy and i am 2nd timestier at 15weeks i am getting terrible pain in my left boob i need help what to do with the pain coz i am genually cant handle pain i sm like a big baby
  • I'm 11 weeks and my breasts have increased in size. Went from a B to a D!
  • I must be the only woman who's breasts absolutely exploded in size during my pregnancy, as I went from being a 36GG to a 36K/KK.

    I'm now just constantly afraid and extremely cautious whilst breastfeeding that I'm not going to suffocate the little guy.
  • I am still my usual 34b and I am 37 weeks!
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