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Talkback: The 4 most annoying things about parent-and-child parking spaces


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  • I'd be happy for the spaces to be moved away from the store entrance if it meant that the spaces would be used for what they were intended.

    A couple of instances have annoyed me over the bank holiday weekend. On the Sunday, I saw a woman park opposite me while I was feeding my baby in the car, get her shopping bags and toddle off into the store with not even a sheepish look on her face. This was at 10 am so the car park was virtually empty meaning she could have parked anywhere. Note though, she parked in a parent child although there were empty disabled spaces slightly closer to the entrance!!

    The other instance was at a different store on the Monday. A woman was unloading her shopping into her people carrier (obviously the usual family car). Whilst I waited so I could use the wider space to get my baby out of the back, I noticed that she was putting her shopping on all seats in the car except the driver's seat meaning although she was doing the family shop, non of her children were with her. The thing that bugs me most about this woman is that she no doubt knows how hard it can be to get infant carriers/infants out of the back of the car in regular sized spaces but still chose to use the space when she didn't need it for it's true purpose.
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