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Talkback: Pro-anorexia t-shirts for children banned


  • Kate Moss is a disgrace lately and doesn't deserve her place in the public eye. To make the comment in the first place knowing how young kids look up to her shame on her, and for the clothing manufacturers to make these tops, shame on them. Kids are so sensitive to pressure these days and to follow examples set by famous people. There should be penalties and consequences for celebs that make these stupid comments without a thought for what kids will think. I don't think 'sorry' after the fact is good enough, the damage is done. I hope that no parent would consider buying one of these tops if they were for sale still. Surely no one would.

  • Parents have to take responsibility too if they buy them for their children. My eldest daughter is ten and she is very skinny, but I wouldn't let her wear a t shirt that encourages her to eat EVEN less than she already does. She generally eats healthy foods, just not very much.

    What would a t shirt with those words say to a young preteen girl? More than what they say to an adult!
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