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Talkback: Petition calls for baby ear piercing ban


  • My parents made me wait until I had left school before they would allow me to have mine done. My daughter is 13 years and has been asking for a couple of years to get them done. I have said that she can this year as I feel that she is old enough and responsible enough to weigh the information independently to enable her to make an informed choice. I hate seeing children with ears pierced, not only does it inflict pain on the child having the piercing but it also creates a risk, what if they pull at it, what if they loose the back and choke on it etc?
  • I totally agree with the above article , It should be up to the child to make there own minds up . Maybe some children don"t ever want to have piercings! My grand-daughter wanted her ears pierced when she was 7 but even then I felt she was only copying her friends at school who had recently had theirs done. Within a year of having them pierced she then decided she didn"t want earrings any more , that was a year ago and she hasn"t worn them since.So I think even 7 is too young now!
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