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Talkback: Outrage over fashion label's lingerie collection for 4-year-olds


  • absolutely shocking, kids themselves already act far too grown up anyhow so why would you want to help them jump 15 years into an adult world, keep them young and happy, it's all too soon before they are out in the big bad world. Plus with all the weird folk around why would you want to promote innocent kids into their line of vision. If the market is so swamped with normal kids clothes and that's the only thing they can think of to make money then they should parcel themselves up in a box and be posted to a dessert island to have a long think!
  • And what exactly are we teaching young women to value and how to value themselves and essentially isn’t this debasing women by implicitly suggesting their self worth is contingent on their ability to pull off a lingerie set, at the age of 9? Forgive the question, but do girls even have breasts to show when they are 9?

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