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Talkback: Early pregnancy tests are giving too many false results


  • Hi im brand new to the website, erm, im sorry ifni dont make any sence but what does it mean when you wee on a pregnancy test but the colour goes darkish blue and runs abit? I dont know what to say to my fience? It has happened with two of them now? And i just really need some help because i just dont know what do so or say? Could someone please help me, tbh they look like someone had drawn lines on them but i got them straight out the packet and did them so they could not of been touched and i am so scared i just dont know what to do?? Could anyone just please help me, i will attatch a photo to this reply or whatever it is i am writing on so you ladies can see wht i mean and please hwlp me, 😭 Much appreciated ❤️image You can see on both of them 😭😭 they look like someone had drawn something on them but i promise they havent they came straight out of the packet then has wee on them so... I am so confused please, someone help em 😭😭💔

  • Hi there, 

    i am just hoping for some advice. I've done four pregnancy tests so far. Three early detection on Normal. the normal was negative but on all three of the early responses I've got a line which I think is getting darker? The top is the most recent. what should i do now?image 

  • hi I took a pregnancy test first pee this morning. 5 mins later it had a very faint line ( either that or I'm imagining it) took another 8 hours later when I finished work and it was a negative? here I see a picture of the line am I going mad or is there a line?? image

  • It looks like you're pregnant?! I'd take a clear blue digital one if you're worried about the validity of this one.

  • image

    Hi going crazy im meant to be due my period like now.. Iv been in bed all day with really bad pains.. but Iv took 5 pregnancy tests 3 showing faint positives and 2 neg the one I took late at night and the other two first thing in the morning.. the neg tests I did one in day with a lil wee and one in morning can people look at my pic and tell me what you think ?? Did any one get period pains round they was due one but than later found out they was pregnant?? Iv already got a lil one and he was born at 25 weeks and I had miscarriage 2 years ago where the egg never went into a fetus 

  •  need help from you I took this test the clear blue 6days early you done mine was even faint then that but was more like a cross for some reason 

  • My first pregnancy test was negative but I was sure I was pregnant, sure enough a week later it was positive xx
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