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Talkback: Kim Kardashian faces backlash for promoting morning sickness pill


  • I don't think anyone has the right to judge her until they have suffered extreme morning sickness themselves also known as hyperemesis. Yes lots of natural products may work for mild nausea or sickness but hyperemesis is a totally different thing and you will try anything just to get you through each day.

    I don't agree with her promoting the product but at the same time it gives some support to other sufferers out there. People are too judgemental and if medication is needed during pregnancy then so be it, who are is anyone to judge.
  • I don't think promoting the drug is a good idea, she is obviously on an endorsement deal and it make some women think it's ok to just go out and buy these kind of things during pregnancy. Of course most of us are wise enough to be cautious about taking anything in pregnancy and anything like this should only be prescribed by a doctor. Not everyone can "tough it out" I was prescribed medication to ease nausea as my day to day living was awful and I couldn't cope with my other children, some women are at a complete loss. Saying this feeling so low beacause of sickness can back you into a corner where you may feel buying such things are the only answer.
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