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Talkback: No period but a negative pregnancy test?



  • I am having the same problem...
  • Hey I'm having the problem, what was your outcome of the missed period? X 

  • Hi, period is 7 days late. I have done a test in home and it says negative. I always get 28 days cycle. Today is 35 day but still not get period and my health is fine not getting any morning sickness or any drowsiness , Need help this is comman or want to see doc. I book an appointment next week..
  • Hi i'm having a similar problem, my period is about 2 weeks past due. i always have regular cycle but i dont know whats going on now. yesterday i took a pregnancy test during the middle of the day and it said negative. what should i do now?

  • Hi im around the same i was due on 25th it hadnt came I took cheap p.g test 5 days latter it say N

    My periods have ben between 30 to 32 in between , im now on cycle 40 in be tween for the first time and i am a regular period to everymonth so today i notice light spotting at first then felt cramping during the day and im geussing im gonna start my p.d because tell up to now im still marking my liners with this redness , i havent ben hetting eny early pregnancy symptoms either such as sickness,sore breast,or frequently peing so im a lil confused on if its my period or implantation happening?????
  • U should test agian this weekend  give it tell sunday then test as soon as u wake up with ur first pe unless u would like to give ur self another week to see what happens?  

  • Hi . My problem is . I have been 2months delay of my period and its scare me .. 1 month i try to use PT its said negative .2 months also the same . And now its going to 3 months .. ive never try yet again pt .bcoz i dont know whats happening .
  • This is my first time writing but I have not had a period in 2 months. I did take two pregnancy test and they both said negative. I do not know what to do. I'm having symptoms but I'm a little discouraged because of the negative results. I just don't know why I haven't had a period in 2 months? Help please?
  • Hi I have been getting negative test been spending all sorts of money on them I haven't come on now for 6 weeks!! Been the doctors waiting for blood tests but I have the pregnancy feeling being sick headaches back ache swore boobs veiny boobs an Hevay boobs an also look like a bumb i really don't no what's going on!🙈
  • I missed my period for almost 3 months and ive tested and it's negative. Should i try again for the second time?
  • I have the same issue, I miscarried in Feb and had a period 3 weeks later, my cycle is 25 days, I should have had another period but yet nothing. My preg tests are all negative, thinking of booking in with docs for blood test
  • Hey ladies its my first time trying this, I am just really confused I have not got my period going on for a month and half. I did take a pregnancy test like a week ago from the dollar store and it came out negative. The thing with me is that I am not regular i use to get my period twice a month but i haven't had anything. The only thing I did have was spotting 3x very light for like half a day. I have been peeing more than usual, i have been getting cramps and also have been catching my self being moody, and specially towards my fiance but I just don't know why and the thing Is I really get a lot of headaches and I was never a person to get headaches. I'm not quite sure what all this means so I decided to give this a try since I have never experienced a pregnancy but I have been trying for 4 years. I am just tired of taking a pregnancy test and it comes out neg. If you ladies can give me some tip and feed back I would appreciate it. Thank you
  • Ok so 17 days late... well technically completely missed my period coz only 6 days till next period but all tests done last week n week b4 neg... Lots of cm and lots of symptoms still.... backaches... tender boobies.... feels like my pelvis is coming out feels so heavy and achy... lower tum aches... Lots of hot flushes..m

    What you think ladies?
  • 2 days ago I was 10 days late for my period so I took 2 pregnancy test. 1 at 9 then the other 10 min later. And they came back positive. Is there a chance they both might be false postives.
  • My period is now 6 days late it is usually on time every month, i have had period pains everyday in my stomach and legs i did a clearblue digital test yesterday but it was negative, i dont no what to think.
  • I have sort of the same problem. I missed one period never came, next month now and it is still not here. Every test I take is negative so could I just have really low hCG levels or am I really not pregnant and just missing my period?
  • My partner and I have only been trying for a couple of months. I took a clear blue test 2 weeks ago and saw a very very faint positive. I am 8 days late and took another clear blue test last night and had the same very very faint line. Am I pregnant sos?!
  • Hey ladies new to this site. Is anyone available to chat now?
  • I'm exactly in this position and so frustrating. This article was really helpful and felt slightly reassured by the final paragraph.
  • Hi, I'm currently 5 days late, I have done 4 pt and they have all come back with negative, I havnt had any pms symptoms a week before I'm due on usually get really sore boobs, really moody and cramps but none at all! But I don't really have any pregnancy symptoms... I have been tired a lot but just put it down to work... had a little burping with acid straight after most of the day yesterday and the day before but none at all today felt a little nauseous today but not for long, me and my partner have only been trying for 2 months and I have never ever missed a period but I only have a 22 day menstrual cycle and I've always been on time just so confused...
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