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Talkback: Mum takes revenge on man blocking family parking bay


  • People parking in parent and child spaces with out any children should be fined .it drives me crazy , I say excuse me I think you've forgot your child they often turn around then I say that's right you don't have one so why are you parked there.I think claire was right she would of taken care getting her children out even being angry .
  • I agree with her reason to be angry but in this day and age confronting anyone is dangerous never mind a young man. Sainsbury's are at fault here and should have acted when she complained. Also, at what age should you stop using the bays. It infuriates me when families with teenage children use them leaving people with pushchairs to use other spaces.
  • Good question on the age limit Lynda. I know when I try and put my baby's back in the car seat I need the door wide open to get the required space. With the regs now saying you need car seats up to the age of 12 I suspect more and more people with older (i.e. non pram/push chair age) will be using these spaces let alone those clearly taking to rip with fully grown teens
  • Good on Claire!! She is absolutely right in her reaction towards that awful ignorant man for parking where he did. These people should be ashamed of themselves!!!! I find this so annoying when people abuse the parking situation, there are limited baby and parent spaces and I too end up parking at the other end of car parks, struggling with my baby and toddler. There should be a stronger enforcement, its no different to when a non-disabled person parks in a disabled space!
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