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Talkback: Silver Cross Linear Freeway - why mums love this buggy so much


  • I love my linear Freeway, sleepover delux. My son is now 2 and he still has so much room to move.

    The pro's for this brilliant pram/pushchair is that not only can you choose the way it faces, it is also a moses basket (comes with the stand & white linen to dress it up!)

    My son spent most of his days (when not being cuddled!) in the moses basket and then bed time he had a fixed crib. But the other brilliant thing about this was that when you went away you didn't have to take additional things such as a moses basket as you have it all in one!

    What more could you ask for, car seat, moses basket & stand, pram & pushchair - just FAB!

    I am now pregnant with my second child and need a double pushchair suitable from birth, however, my Silver Cross will not be made reduntant (I love it far too much for that to happen!) it will be used as the moses basket and if just the baby & I are going out, then that will be used as the pram!
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