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Talkback: 25 things every woman should do before having a baby


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  • This article frustrates me. Society puts such pressure on people and we lap it up. Why should you have to get married (and, on average, spend 12k doing it). Why should you own a nice car (or a car at at all if we're thinking of the environment). This is a list for very privileged people to aspire to have and earn more.

    I wish it was more focused on personal and emotional growth. Or maybe (shock horror) we don't need a checklist of middle class hopes in order to have a happy, healthy family who value relationships and environment over materialistic things.

    Rent a place, walk to the park, embrace those who love and support you (family or not) and show your children life does not revolve around your pay check and your 'nice' car.
  • 25 / 25 - I must be perfect!
  • @rabbit456 that's awesome! Have to say, I've not performed nearly as well as you! 😂
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