Talkback: Good catch! One Born Every Minute dad praised on Twitter


  • I saw it too and sorry to say a similar thing happened with my last delivery...I stood up to move from a birthing stool to the bed when I stood at the bedside one almighty contraction had baby delivered - I just preyed midwife had caught her as my hubby was in front of me holding me up! She did and all was well but it was a close call ! 

    I guess babies don't check if someone's ready to catch when the decide to be that fast eh?

    Now at 4 my daughter is unpredictable and tends to do everything and warp speed!

  • Watched this episode twice lol! I feel sick at the thought of if he hadn't caught baby lol but I want to deliver this baby stood on on all fours, does worry me that the midwife might drop baby...

  • OMG I watched this! How scary 😱 imagine if the dad wasn't there, and the midwife acted so cool & calm afterwards!!!! Just hope this doesn't happen to me (due in 2werks) 😬

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