Talkback: Why did this Perez Hilton selfie freak the internet out?


  • I occasionally have a bath with my son if I'm pushed for time and he loves it! He has started to notice that my body is different to his, being pregnant and him pointing to my boobs I just explain to him that there to feed his baby brother when he's born. Does make me laugh when he looks at his widgy and then my lady bits and looks confused haha he's only 2 bless him!

    And on a economical argument it saves on water so who's complaining!
  • I shower with my son every day it is the safest way for me to shower as I then know where he is at all times! He also showers with his dad at night I think it's just part of being a parent and anyone who looks at this kind of photo and thinks about child pornography or child abuse has got some serious problems/or doesn't have children they need to get a grip this is reality.
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