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Talkback: The supernanny who's ignoring her own advice now she's become a mum


  • P.s. Your advice and approach towards routines with children has helped me so much, thankyou. The way your feeling is very natural though,sign of a loving mother xxxx
  • Leaving your own baby of only a few weeks old to cry to sleep overseen by a complete stranger. Nice. What makes you think a baby should be 'trained' to sleep anyway? Defenceless tiny innocent babies who want mummy, the crying is the only way they can communicate. It's NORMAL. I'm really quite upset by what this so called expert has chosen to do.
  • Congratulations Kathryn she is beautiful.sounds like your an amazing mummy! Xxxxxxx
  • Congratulations and welcome to the roller coaster called motherhood. Your calm approach has helped many families but nothing prepares you for a bundle of joy that you are solely responsible for. Enjoy the good times and be kind to yourself. You are your child’s role model for being a mother xxx
  • Kathryn you've helped so many people and your approach has worked. This article just says "btw kathryn is human". I never thought of you as a supermum or a superhuman and i respect your expertise. Your baby journey is a normal one. Lets try not to criticise her when we aren't clear of the facts, its just the media, who knows what she genuinely experienced and how she coped. Good luck kathryn.
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