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Talkback: How much milk does your toddler need?


  • @bety is there sugar in apple crumble? Well obviously that depends of IF YOU PIT SUGAR IN IT. Common sense people!
  • Don't be fooled into thinking your baby needs cows milk. It's for COWS. Feed your baby proper food and don't be lazy. Your baby gets nutrients from the foods they eat. Once they are 1 years old there's no need to give them milk past this age.
  • Of course they need cows milk. What else will they have. Obvious you are a vegan by your dumb comment

  • @bety Absolutely ridiculous comments all round. It’s the BOTTLE feeding that harms the teeth more so than the substance. Dilute juice is given in a cup for a start and if you actually dilute it properly the sugar content is negligible. My health visitor DID say it was fine, fyi, and actually recommends it to encourage kids to drink more if they’re not loving their water.
  • "Bottle- feeding allows milk to pool around your baby's teeth which can cause cavities.."

    Your toddlers typical daily meal plan Lunch: Diluted Juice!! Great advice here I must say watch the milk does not pool but offer diluted juice. The health visitor would really recommend that. Apple crumble lovely is there sugar in that?
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