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Talkback: Vegetarian pregnancy diet and healthy eating plan


  • Hi, I feel your pain in some sense! I'm a veggie/pescatarian, I also have had extremely low iron but with iron tablets it is back to a suitable level. However, my doctors have really scared me about fertility and egg quality due to my diet. I know I have a well balanced diet, and live a healthy life style but at the back of my mind I have the fear that my eggs are damaged or my fertility is impacted as a result. Did you ever get worried about this when trying to get pregnant? 

  • I'm vegan and have no issues. My midwife was desperately pushing the multivitamins and iron supplements. I told her if my iron was low she was to tell me and I'd consider a supplement... guess what, my iron count was fine! And that was even at 13 weeks when my diet had been pretty rubbish (by my standards) due to pregnancy nausea.

    Now I'm back eating large portions of leafy greens every day, often 2 or more different ones (eg broccoli & green cabbage, or spinach etc). Plus lentils & sweet potato at least once a week. 5 portions of veg & fruit minimum.

    Earlier I posted my food today & thought I'd only had about 4 portions of fruit & veg (blueberries, spinach, banana, mango & orange juice), but then remembered I'd also had 4 prunes after dinner.

    Most days I have at least 5 veg rather than fruit (eg carrots, broccoli, peas, cabbage & leaks) today I had a more snack-y day so more fruit.

    It's disturbing health professionals still push folic acid supplements rather than FOLATE, folic acid is the synthetic version and often not utilised well, it can build up in the body and be problematic later on.

    Either eat two/3 portions of leafy greens most days or take a supplement of Folate, not folic acid.
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