Talkback: Baby weekly meal planner - 9 months


  • Hiya SachiN, so glad you're using and enjoying the meal planners. That's a great idea about making them printable - thank you!

  • Would it be possible for the app to be available for android users too at some point in the future please :-)
  • What kin of fruit and veg snacks do you give?
  • How much of each meal do you serve up?

    Also, do you give dessert straight after dinner?
  • This meal planner has helped me so much with my girl. Really easy to follow & great recipes. Would be amazing if their was a printable version for the fridge 😊 Thanks
  • This is amazing help for sorting out food and shopping so you are not trawling through hundreds of recipes each week to try and find variety and healthy foods - a printable version for my fridge would be even better :-)
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