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Talkback: Pregnant woman furious at fine for using parent-and-child parking space at Asda


  • If this happens then all tremendously fat people will want extra space too. Parking spaces should be made bigger so that it helps everyone.
  • 1 - are you allowed to drive at 9 months pregnant?

    2 - I'm fat, doesn't give me the right to park in disabled bays or children bays

    3 - if she can't walk that far maybe she should have got someone else to shop for her, on shop online #no excuses
  • Being pregnant is significantly harder for some women than it is for others. In both pregnancies I had pelvic-girdle-pain from about 16wks onwards,, meaning I could barely move my hips and legs without being in agony. Getting in and out of the car was an incredibly painful experience, but living remotely, it needed to be done several times a day. It was literally impossible for me to get out when parked in a regular space. I needed the door wide open to swing my whole body around and get both legs out before hoisting myself upright. I tried to park in an end space, but when this wasn't possible, I used a parent and child one. I also couldn't walk far so needed to be near the door. Thinking back, I wonder why I wasn't offered a disability parking badge temporarily.
  • It is one of those controversial gray areas - there is no automatic need for a 'parent & child' space (law states that a set number of disabled spaces be available but the same doesn't apply to parent & child), they are a convenience for those with children to be able to safely get the children from car to pushchair/trolley & back. Different supermarkets have different criteria  (some say children under 5 only while others will permit any child still using a car seat which potentially means 12yrs old ).

    A lot of people also fail to realise that the small print gives disabled people the right to the space over a parent if disabled spaces are full. As for 'temporary blue badges', most councils only issue the badge to someone in receipt of high rate mobility DLA/PIP  (for which you tend to have to be either oxygen dependent, wheelchair bound or of severe mental impairment ) it is hard to get with a long term disability let alone a short term one

  • I believe that Kate (nee Middleton ) the wife of Prince William when pregnant with George highlighted the support provided when pregnant and travelling by train.

    Maybe pregnant women could be issued with a card via their midwife valid for the duration of their pregnancy, which would prove their need for consideration in regards to travel, parking etc. The Government could organise such a scheme via the NHS ( National Health Service)
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