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Talkback: The Good Dinosaur - too shocking for young kids?


  • Yes, my children were a little put off by the daddy dino dying and I must say the hallucinogenic berries were an interesting touch!!

  • In the cinema I was in pretty much half the audience had to leave in the middle of the film because the kids were crying.

    I watched it with my husband only but we were both quite shaken at the disparity between the expected content and the actual film. We appreciated the stunning animations but the actual film didn't seem kid friendly to us, let alone to the poor crying kids around us.

  • Not impressed at all Disney.

    If you're going to make a gritty movie showing off your animation skills don't make the lead character look as soft and playful as a carebear and then make the bad guys as evil, dark and psychotic as the joker from the dark knight! Why the need for ripping off heads and eating little super cute fury creatures (in cold blood)? Just don't get it at all Disney. If you want to make it "real" then out a 12 certificate on it and go to town but this won't be shown to my kids ever again. Silly, silly, poor excuse of a film teaching nothing but bullying, villoence, torment and heartache - someone over at Disney is seriously depressed!
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