Talkback: Baby weekly meal planner - 10 months


  • kdiz is 100% right, is this the most out of touch person or what?! I'm not cooking several hours of meals for an infant, I'm working, cleaning, and online shopping, dealing with medical billing, and sometimes taking a moment for myself. In fact I've got to logout right now because I have ACTUAL PARENTING TO DO!!!!
  • Lol calm down guys, it's just a recipe site. I'm just glad to find healthy baby recipes that aren't all kale and quinoa and other crap no one actually eats.
  • Wtf calm down xD

    I love these ideas !! And I know I dont have to follow exact recipes
    Thank you so much for this :)
  • Wow! me again !! For me this actually feels like a weight was lifted off my back :3
  • Is there a way this can be downloaded as a PDF to put on the fridge? Some great ideas and recipes here :)
  • This is fantastic and not only for baby I would eat most of this stuff too. It's really a diverse menu. Don't forget to slice those grapes!!!
  • I Absolutely HAVE to say that..Having a 10 month old boy who is fussy with most foods - Preparing a Gourmet meal 2 times a day is just absolutely ridiculous! All this pressure on the internet to be feeding our babies these foods. I don't buy any ready made meals for my Son, I prepare and cook everything he eats. Just googling Ideas for 10 Month old Lunches and this come up. Honestly, how much would all of this cost is a joke! No wonder we all feel so much pressure on us when people are publishing this kind of ridiculousness!! Their Babies not FOOD CRITICS!!
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