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Talkback: Is not telling your Facebook friends you’re pregnant ‘social suicide’?


  • This seems such an overreaction I shared my pregnancy at 12 week on Facebook and put a photo up of my bump as it progressed. I wanted to share my experience with my friends and not have to individually tell all my home friends and university friends. obviously i told family individually though. It's a choice and if people didn't want to know they didn't have to read it! If you don't want to tell people on Facebook that's your choice but please don't look down on me for my method of sharing my pregnancy.
  • I think there are certain things that should be shared in a more personal way than just posting on Facebook. Many of the people that you have as 'friends' on Facebook are more like aquaintances. I don't put many status updates anyway and have very few pictures on Facebook as I see these things as private to be shared with people when I want them to know, not en-mass.
  • I don't do the Facebook or Twitter thing.  I'm probably what you might call a Cyber Billy-No-Mates or maybe I'm just plain old fashioned and I'm happy to stay like that.  I'm not in any way criticising others, each to their own, but if I want my friends to know something about my pregnancy I prefer to tell them in person.  I think that no matter how 'safe' you think Facebook might be you never really know who's looking.  Besides Facebook is about the last thing I've got time for at the minute (lol) !!!!!

  • I think the decision to post or not to post about your pregnancy is down to the individual, Personally though i'd rather keep my pregnancy between me and close friends/family
  • I haven't shared my pregnancy on FB and I'm 26 weeks. I agree exactly with what is said above. I have shared with people in person, who I want to tell. My scans pics are personal, as are the "delights" of my pregnancy. I intend on updating my status to "had a baby today" when baby arrives. Those who are important know anyway, and those who take offence or think I have committed social suicide? Who cares. They obviously haven't seen me for a long time anyhow.
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