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Talkback: Britain’s largest restaurant can’t fit a baby – unless you pay £3


  • I just don't get this...are we going to be rented out our chairs in restaurants now? A pound an hour or something?! It's bad enough when they're trying to rush you out because the table is booked an hour after you start eating, let alone charge your baby to be with you!
  • They also charge you extra if you take over an hour and a half to eat!!

    (Plus one of their restaurants got a very bad rating from the council food hygiene rating a couple years back and is now still only 3 stars out of 5)
  • It's not even as though they wanted the restaurant to heat up baby food - the little one's just 6 weeks old! ANd she offered to put the buggy in the car. I honestly can't believe the hide of such a fee.

    Places that rush you, have hidden fees and which have illogical policies really wind me up. How on earrth did this place get so big with such un-friendly ways?? WHo is eating there?

  • Thats terrible! what a cheek!!!!!
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