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Talkback: Take your kids to work during strikes, says David Cameron


  • like thats a great idea if you have little kids! maybe teenagers who could take a game with them, use the net or make themselves useful but can you imagine a toddler in an office, shop, or factory - impossible - and think of the H&S implications too let alone the distractions they would cause you!

    You can get in trouble for taking your kid out of school to do something yet they can cancel at short notice Hmmm!
  • Hmm creche Occupy no 10, there's an idea, would they govern for a day too
  • to be fair it should only really be a problem if you have school age children, all the nurseries and pre-schools near me are still open on Wednesday and most school age children should be quite capable of sitting quietly and occupying themselves with books, games and drawing if its an office environment, I agree its not safe in a factory or shop though!
  • I quite like the idea of dropping my kids off at No.10 for the day!
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