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Talkback: Do breastfed babies really cry more than bottlefed ones?


  • Breastfeeding my daughter was so easy, she took to it straight away and regained her birth weight within a few days of birth, yes she did cry (due to severe reflux) but was not a major crier, but did feed every two hours.

    My son on the other hand struggled with breastfeeding for the first 6 weeks;he was so sleepy with a poor latch and went from being 7lb 3oz down to 6lb 5oz. He is now 6 months old, 16lb 1oz and a fantatsic feeder who has slept through from 10 weeks old, and is unbelievably placid!

    As a baby I was formula fed and would want to feed every two hours, and did not sleep through the night until i was 3!

    I think its important to take into consideration that no two babies are the same, regardless of whether they're breast or bottle fed, and crying is a babies only method of communication. x
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