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Talkback: Rear facing car seats explained


  • I'm pleased that finally rear facing seats for older children are coming on the market. We have had rear facing isofix Britax seats for four years but had to buy a Britax seat which was marketed for special needs children. I had read that in Scandanavia rear facing is the norm and that it was proven to be safer, and was amazed when I told other mum friends this and they didn't choose a rear facing seat for their 9-12 month old. Why would you not choose the safest option? Also loads of people have said "Ah poor thing always travelling backwards, they can't see anything" - in fact because the seats are higher, they have a great view out of the rear windscreen, as well as their own side window, unlike a child in a forwards facing seat who is sat looking at the back of the seat in front. I predict that by the time my kids are having kids ALL seats for children up to 4 years will be rear facing. We are just about 10 years behind Scandanavia.
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