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Talkback: NCT no longer to heavily promote breastfeeding?


  • I did NCT because there were no spaces on NHS course. it was lovely and made lifelong friends. We had 2 people. The lady doing the antenatal bit was fine. but the Breastfeeding person was awful and would put anyone off breastfeeding. she talked about people donating colustreum(sp) and how important it is for neo-natal. I thankfully never experienced that side of things but she went on and on about it til we were all sat in uncomfortable silence. She also then asked us at the end if we were going to breastfeed to which we all nodded dumbly. She never explained any of the problems that can happen just how natuaral it is. 2 of my group had ceasaerans one emergency, one because 2 weeks overdue and they both had problems and felt poo because they couldn't do it. I had problems for different reasons but through sheer determination I suceeded. Nipple shields are great if your baby won't latch on and stuff anyone else that says it's not good!
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