Talkback: Freebirthing – would you choose to give birth without a medical professional?


  • It's not illegal to have an unassisted birth with someone (untrained) present, the only thing "illegal" about it is if that person acts as a midwife, for instance if they were to use a doppler to monitor baby or check dilation of the cervix etc. Which most women who decide to Freebirth are specifically wanting to avoid, so I doubt it applies.

    Freebirthing with a doula or labour partner is legal.
  • Definitely not for me, but I'm incredibly impressed with Nancy's confidence. When did it become illegal for anyone to assist in the delivery of a baby? I can understand the need for regulation for the safety of vulnerable mothers & their babies but surely it is not good if mums like Nancy feel that they have to be so secretive? I'm interested what others have to say ablout this - I've never really thought about it before.

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