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Talkback: Home births cheaper than hospital, says study


  • a home birth is no less safe than in hospital.a midwife has everything she needs at the house as she would do in a hospital and there is a ambulance on stand by if you should need it.i had my 5th and 6th children at home and very relaxed and for me better than in hospital.although with my 6th i had the ambulance people with me as midwife was late getting to me (after another midwife had come and broke my waters then left me)i ended up in the hospital as i bled after birth mid wife kept tugging on the cord.dont know if that the reason why as i was never told but even after that last bad experience if i was able to have more kids i would do it at home again.
  • There is no evidence to show that home births are any less safe than a birth in a midwife led unit. The only difference is you need an ambulance ride to get to an emergency C-section, but the same is true of many midewife units that are situated separately from hospitals. And people giving birth at home are more relaxed and in control so are much less likely to NEED the intervention of an obstetrician. Anyone that has had one straightforward delivery should consider a home birth the next time. I had my 9 lb daughter at home and wish I had had all 3 of my babies at home as it was such a fantastic experience.
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