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Talkback: Feeding plan for weeks 1-4


  • Hi Deduct37 - which menu planner are you looking for?

  • I was trying to access weeks 1-4 but it kept saying there was an error. Managed to get onto them today though thankyou
  • Yay! Glad you've found it.

    Do please let us know if you have any other problems finding stuff; we're always happy to help. 

  • Hi in the info above you say to start with vegetable puree, then combined veg then fruit puree. On your meal planner though the very first puree introduced seems to be a f

    ruit one which is against above advice. Are the meal planners correct or am I missing one? Thanks
  • Hi reja78, thanks so much for spotting that error and letting us know! We're going to correct that article right away! Good luck with the weaning and we hope the meal planner comes in handy.

  • It's still not correct, which doesn't exactly fill me with confidence!
  • Why can't I access the daily menu planners since the site changed?
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