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Talkback: C-section and obesity link - what's the story?


  • Three of my closest friends had c-sections (emergency ones, whether that matters or not), and their little ones are all around 2-3 yr now and slender, not at all overweight. It makes me think that your tot's activity levels and what they eat must play a part, whether they were born by c-section or not.

    Reassurring too that the UK guy from RCOG thinks more research is needed.
  • I totally agree with Abby2, more rubbish to put pressure on mums, i had a c section for medical reasons my daughter is a happy healthy girl who loves her food and exercise in fact she couldn't be healthier she has the energy a 2 year old should have and is not an ounce overweight despite her lovely big appetite.  I think these people who think up this rubbish need to stop piling more pressure on mums theres enough as it is and any mum will tell you we question everything we do anyway so instead of pulling at our insecurities maybe try rewarding our hard work.

  • more rubbish as usual making mums feel guilty about having a c section i have had 4 and non of my children are over weight they are 21 18 14 and 3 and the all healthy it the bottle feeding until babies can take no more that makes them fat i have herd mums boasting about how many ounces they baby can take .
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