ME Magazine Scam that legally isn't a scam


I read some blogs about the ME magazine and also the official response from the company. What the bloke said is true - you can cancel. I did it as soon as I had given the £1 donation to charity. The number worked but it is very sporadic.

The problem is that the company subscribes you to other things so beware.I received a voucher for 2 free cinema tickets today as a thank you for subscribing to lets go rewards at £7 a month. I rang them and they said it was done through ME magazine. Again I've had no problem cancelling but how many more companies are going to say I've subscribed?

I've now cancelled my credit card and asked for a replacement in the hope that this will stop them.

Too many companies have you on rolling subscriptions - you think its only a month or a year and you find a payment comes out that you've forgotten to cancel. Its wrong!!!


  • I am replying to my own post just to update.

    Despite being told on 2 occasions that my subscription was cancelled I have had £65 taken from my account. I have reported it to my bank as fraud and hopefully they will deal with it.

    One of the charities they say they support is Velindre Cancer Centre. Sadly I think their name is going to be dragged thro' the mud by being associated with them. My faith in donating to charities has been destroyed and I will no longer be doing it.

  • I have also fallen for this scam. I never received a magazine or vouvhers and then two weeks later I had £80 taken from my account. I can't find a number for the company, they don't have a website or any sort of online presence and my emails to the email address someone kindly posted in another thread on this site gets no reply.

    So I have no way of contacting this company and bank says they can't do anything about it because I authorised the payment.

    If anyone has contact details for ME magazine that work I would greatly appreciate it.

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