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Talkback: Guide to drinks for your baby at 7-9 months


  • Aww Susan(hello I think I've bumped into you here on this forum before) your poor daughter and granddaughter image Both my children have been low percentile babies - not everyone is the same height/weight as adults either I would have expected your daughter's HV to be abit more supportive and sensitive than that grrr! Just a quick question though, seeing as the HV has insisted on cow's milk have you tried Lactofree milk? Link here: It might be worth a try just to see if it helps with the diahorrea. Hope it goes well with the GP tomorrow.
  • Hi susan your granddaughter's symptoms sound very similar what to our dd had. Have you considered a cows milk protein intolerance?

    All these symptoms went away when we cut dairy out of my diet as I bf but normal formula also is based on cows milk which is possibly why you've seen a change on soya. A referral to a paediatric dietitian from the gp was the best help to us Look on the website
  • if your baby has problems with cows milk (or breast milk when you consume dairy yourself) then its quite common for them also to struggle with other animal milk and soya. there are some specialist formulas that dont use dairy or soya but i think prescription by gp is needed. My daughter has these difficulties- luckily i am able to breast feed and I don't consume dairy or soya now and she is doing fine
  • my family day care worker when i was having alot of probs with my baby when he was 3 months old and refluxing alot, swears by goats milk, she knows several mothers who have tried it even in young babies and says they have less reactions and are doing really well on it I'm not to sure on nutrients some websites would suggest adding nutrients but it's an idea, as for my 6 month old now he is beginning to refuse night time feeds (i have him on aptimil reflux thickener) i hope if i let him drop the feeds for night he wont wake in the mid of the night for a bottle, as he does not wake currently and i dont want that to change now :D
  • My six month old Granddaughter has been very reluctant to take milk feeds from birth and the most she would drink was 3oz and therefore very petite for her age. She has suffered with severe colic and eczema and been a regular visitor to the doctors and skin clinic. Her GP has never been concerned about her feeds and said has long has she was taking milk we should not worry. She also suffered from diarrhea from birth and still the doctor was not concerned and even took a pooh sample which came back negative. Still the doctor said nothing about her milk but to stick with what we were doing. At this point the baby's diarrhea was so bad it leaked like water through her nappy and clothes. My daughter was really upset because it wasn't good for her weight gain, so we now decided to put her on Soya Milk, within twenty four hours she became constipated but it was easier to cope with than the diarrhea. Her eczema is just the same but she has put on a little extra weight. My daughter is back at work now and has a two year old which I take care of during the day. She took the baby to see the health visitor last week and came home in tears feeling the health visitor made her think she was a bad mother because the baby is below the regular weight for her age and was insisting my daughter gave FULL FAT COWS MILK and lots of dairy products all of which she has found triggers eczema from the elder child. The baby's skin has been quite severe and she is on steroid cream to keep it under control. The health visitor has now been in touch saying she has to make an appointment to see the doctor!! Our concern for the babies weight has been a sticking point for us and now my daughter has been made to feel quite inadequate and even more worried about her baby. Although through out her problems she is a very happy baby. My daughter is seeing the GP tomorrow!!!
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