Talkback: Who’s the boss – you or your toddler?


  • It's easy to say ignore a tantrum, but sometimes that is impossible as they might do something naughty to endanger themselves, and they play on that one sometimes so what do you do then?
  • just follow through with naughty step as a 

    control measurement always works for me

  • done the naughty step and charts/rewards but nothing works were still doin it but hes gettin worse

  • Again another article that comes from someone who has not been a parent themselves I would say ! Have you not heard of positive parenting and the Triple P programme ? You need to regain the control and this can mean reward charts/ golden time etc so that the children can earn points for good behaviour. It does all take a bit more effort to get estabished but in the long run will make life run smoother.

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