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Talkback: Clomid – what is it?


  • Being infertile is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with in my life. I want to give birth so badly and the harder my husband and I try, and the more we fail, the deeper I fall into depression.

    I've been through 2 IUIs and 4 induction Clomid cycles, my parter and I have schedule sex which kills the passion, it's really putting a strain on our relationship.

  • hi there ive been ttc for about a year now, went to my ob/gyn doctor was diagnosed with pcos .. first try doctor prescribed me 50 mg of clomid after a fail of that i was later prescribed 500 mg metmorfin and 50 mg clomid after fail of that doctor boot me up to 100 mg of clomid finally that failed as well. so now my doctor prescribed me letrozole 2.5 mg cycle days 3-7 with continuous use of 500 mg metmorfin i will be using letrezole this month during my cycle which would be in the last weeks of july has anybody had any response to this drug after fails of clomid i dont really want to get my hopes up everytime there let down ... i
  • i hav recently been diagnosed with pcos, my doc has just put me on metform 500mg and 100mg fertomid, praying for the best
  • I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS myself a month ago, me and my partner always constant sex none stop. I normally have 2 periods once a month due to PCOS it's confusing right? But this month I've been 19 days late than normal. I have got pregnancy symptoms really bad, sore and tender breasts, nausea, bloating and bad wind (very unusual) I'm also constantly going the toilet, I would be extremely happy if I was but I've taken a test from the doctor but it came back negative but she told me it could be too early and to try next week, which I will..:(

    Good luck ladies!
  • Hi ladies,,,

    Reading all theses stories has helped my depression me & my partner trying for 3 years I have pcos / Gyne doc gave me clomid 50 mg an I am

    On metformin as well 2wice a day this is my first cycle of clomid I have my 2nd scan tomorrow please pray for me I am so desperate to have a healthy baby it's making me so depressed x
  • Me too I was diagnosed with one polycistic ovaries and also have been trying for two year which has made me very depressed and put a massive strain between me and my partner it's such hard work ttc and makes me want to give up but I try and keep hope alive and carry on. I have my first cycle of IVF in the new year so fingers crossed I've recently just ovulated again and have started to use the mooncup don't know if anyone may have heard about this but apparently has a good success rate and keeps the little swimmers up there. I hope I conceive this month baby dust to all of u and good luck to us all ladies X merry xmas x
  • Ladies just like you I too is ttc. I have just started my first cycle of clomid 50mg and i am hoping this works. It has been almost 2yrs of trying and my husband is asking why why why
  • Hi ladies , when on clomid is it compulsory that you will take a Hcg shot if the follicle size is not growing enough?
  • Hi i have been ttc for 9 yrs plus and hav had ceased meanstration due to hormonal imbalance. My doc recently gave me clomid i took it from 7th to 16 it was 50mg. I experienced all sorts of side effects like cramps no appetite dizziness then on 29th my period came and lasted for 4 days. I hop all goes well coz this month the cramps hav continued.
  • What stage of TTC is time to start thinking about Clomid?
  • I have Pcos , been on inofolic since February and clomid in March 5-9. I can't wait to find out if I convinced, but I'm afraid of disappointments!!!!
  • I take my 1st dose of Clomiphene tomorrow. Days 5-9 I'm taking it. My 1st child was natural and then I had a miscarriage in 2011 and trying to get pregnant ever since with no luck. I have irregular periods. I can anywhere from 30-40 days with my periods. My son has ask for a brother or sister for 3 1/2 years and I really hope this works for me! Does anyone have any advice or tops?
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  • Hi all. So basically I have recently come off contraception (mirena) and so far my periods and cycle have been as follows;

    Start End

    13TH Sept - 17TH Sept (CYCLE LENGTH 22 DAYS)

    6TH Oct - 10TH Oct (CYCLE LENGTH 26 DAYS)

    1ST Nov - 5th Nov (CYCLE LENGTH 22 DAYS)

    So, according to an app I have, I should have started my period yesterday. Is this correct? I am having trouble understanding it all due to not long being off contraception and actually having periods again.

    Thank you!

    Layla x
  • I took 50mg to help concieve my daughter after 18 months of trying and it helped also combined with acupuncture. I was complacent when starting again and a year on after we first started ttc we have just got 100mg from the hospital and teaming it with acupuncture again we hope it works for the second time. First time on clomid i got such bad hot flushes i used to turn bright red and found that a nice cold jug of water in the fridged helped for these moments.
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