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Talkback: Mum gets slammed for spending £1,000 on each of her kids for Christmas


  • I personally think that's a lot of money to spend but who are we to say what is the correct amount? We don't really have a budget but its our child's birthday on Boxing Day so we tend to just get one main present for Christmas and a few smaller things like books or games and make more of a fuss of his birthday. He gets lots of other presents from family members and I'm sure at the age of 3, he doesn't actually know where it all comes from anyway!
  • Wow to me that's crazy amount to spend especially per child, but then we all have different lifestyles so personally each to their own. We have a budget of £100 per child. children forget about what presents they got but they don't forget fun times with the family, so where we budget and save for Christmas it means we can take our children on more small family holidays and do lots of fun things. To me Christmas is about spending quality time with family and friends and this is somthing I want to show my children. What makes me sad about Christmas these days is too many parents feel under pressure to compete and get their children the latest gadgets and to do this many families put themselves into debt.
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