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Talkback: Kids to brush teeth at school every day


  • I think it's great it will teach children who aren't in the habit of brushing, how to do it properly and encourage them to do it at home too hopefully. And suppose for those not currently brushing at home, there'd be at least 5 times a week where they were.

    It's worth mentioning, though that there are certain foods that weaken tooth enamel and there should be a gap between eating them and brushing teeth to protect the enamel. Are teachers really going to have the time to observe that? Though not observing a gap and brushing Vs no brushing at all.... of course I can see which one's preferable.

    Who's going to monitor the hygienic use of individual toothbrushes as well? With the best will in the world, even hand washing turns into a chaotic free for all. Where will toothbrushes be kept?
  • It will be great to teach child brush after very meal! Brilliant!
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