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Talkback: Breastfeeding doll goes on sale for Christmas


  • What on earth is the problem with this doll? It is the most natural thing in the world, breast feeding your child so why not a doll that does the same? I do how ever think that the price is an issue, why so expensive?
  • there has been controversy about similar products in the past, personally the only negative is the price, my children (both my son and daughter) 'breastfeed' their toys by holding them to their chest and copying mummy. I don't feel that this would offer any additional features that would be worth the extra cost in comparison to a standard dolly. I do however like the fact that this option is on the market to compete with the various dolls available that come with bottles. It's a personal choice but I wouldn't buy a doll with a bottle for my child as I don't want to teach her that that is how babies get their nutrition.
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