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Talkback: Clocks going back? What you really need to do


  • No idea what is the big deal here ?!

    Time is irrelevant ;)

    I won't die if get up earlier or go to sleep later, especially if it means spending time with my family. Seems like journalists got nothing more to talk about as parebts getting more silly these days :/

    This is my opinion, as I find it funny while traveling abroad, which includes time change right...?! Never had a problem with that.People, please, just live with it. You still cook at 6 (personally much much earlier LOL), you still have school at 8, work at 9. Getting up "earlier" is still the same time, you only changed the clock due to the planet rotation. Maybe you can do something good for yourself in that time, with no crying over "my baby this and that" while they have no clue what time is.

    I really hope for someone to write the "Summer/Winter time change FOR DUMMIES "...
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