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Talkback: Sunshine during pregnancy may reduce risk of MS


  • Vitamin D is so important, especially for pregnant women. I recently had my son in June and living in Michigan, it's tough to get vitamin D the natural way (the sun) all the time. Not only can vitamin D help prevent MS, it also can help reduce your chances of getting a hundred different diseases and cancers. For those who are not pregnant and can't get in the sun all the time, I know many are against this BUT if you use them in moderation, a tanning bed is a great source of vitamin D. Just by going 2-3 times a week for 5-10 minutes, depending on your skin tone (the lighter the skin tone, the less time you would go. Let the professional decide) this will dramatically make a difference in your vitamin D levels. This way, like the sun, your body knows when it has enough and can dispose of it and you can't get toxicity like if you take too much in supplements. Pregnant ladies, keep getting in the sun when you can and supplements when you can't. Vitamin D is a MUST!
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