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  • oooo just been reading the above and its a very good idea .. my litte bot is a very fussy eater an rarely trys anything new at all but im getting there slowly but surly image

  • My Little boy is also a very fussy eater, He stopped eating properly after he was poorly and ever since he has gone of, of everything image 

    I was very proud when he ate his toast and bacon today! xx

  • This is a great article and it is really hard sometimes to pull children out of the cycle of being fussy, especially when it comes to getting them to eat vegetables! A great way to encourage an appreciation for fruit and vegetables is to read them a story, with funny food characters. As a teacher I have seen many fussy eaters : ( That's way I created a story and recipe program to try and help parents - you can read more about it at The earlier you start with children, the better off they will be!
  • My little boy is 5 years old and all he will eat for dinners is bbq beef noodles or corned beef hash for dinner and panics if there is something new on his plate then its i'm not hungry runs away goes to sleep i need the toilet so he can hide in there any excuse not to eat the food thats in front of him He also has a deviated uvula and his tonsils are on the large side but he does not have any throat or tonsil infections i'm not sure if this could be the cause of his eating habits but he ate sausage rolls and everything up until he was 15 months old then he had a tummy buy he blamed the food he was eating and then he would only eat 3 different toddler meals he always gagged as soon as he touched bread he now eats bread which is a bonus on its own image i'm looking for an answer as to if these are linked can anyone help i am aware it takes time but we have been having these issues for 3 years but i just want to help him any help would be appreciated 

  • Fussy eating often builds up as a pattern of behaviour over time and sometimes parents need to have a re-think about what causes it. I once met a little boy who ate mostly jam sandwiches, but he had started off eating a range of foods. For fussy eaters, a good strategy is "mini meals" where you offer only one teaspoonful of everything on the plate and then as long as all of this tiny amount is eaten you can "reward" the child with as much as they like of the preferred foods on the plate. If a child refuses food it is better to keep on offering it - remember that it can take up to fifteen tries for a child to like a new or unfamiliar food.
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