Talkback: Huggies nappies to be discontinued from spring 2013


  • Huggies were far better than the other brands ...stock up people!
  • Huggies are the only nappies I can use with my baby getting a nappy rash god knows what I'm gonna do know as iv tried them all ill be very sad to see them go :(
  • Any suggestions on alternatives?

    We are size 4, just started to walk.

    I didn't like pampers newborn & did pike huggies. I never changed since. No idea how many I'd need or where to put if I stock up, our loft & garage could get condensation & they may spoil.

    Any suggestions?

    Other than potty train 
  • I find lidl nappies are fab, they are one of the only brand that I find keeps my daughter dry all night, she is 20 months and we use size 5. X
  • ridiculos i swear by huggies nappies silly silly people
  • I found huggies to be better than all other brands of nappies. They hold a lot more and they do not smell. I will be very sad to see huggies go especially as I'm having my second child due in may.
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