• I do; what do you want to know?  I have it with the matrix 2 light plus isofix base. I haven't used the pushchair yet but the frame and wheels are really well built, sturdy and collapse so easily into a very small item.  The handle is adjustable and comfy and there's room for a long stride.  It's small and really manoeuvrable and fine on rough ground. The matrix makes a great pram which is also an overnight sleeper with the extra mattress, and all that can be put in and out of the car as a really safe, secure car seat.  The lie flat option is great and when I see babies all scrunched up in a maxi cosy or equivalent I feel very smug!  Word to the wise though, the matrix is very heavy, unlike the muum which is one of the lightest available.  I picked up a really cheap second hand rebel pro for when I need a quick grab able seat; I haven't actually used it yet... I am very happy with this system. 
  • I have the Jane muum and love it!!! 

    My daughter is 6 months and is now just going into pushchair (not because she's too smal for carrycot....she now wants to see about)

    carrycot is very cosy and seen us through a cold winter.

    carseat is lovley and everyone comments on how nice is is.

    wheels are very very light and gold easily and neatly. I have a small car and fits fine.

    pushchair part only just startin to use but again no complaints.

    Myself and my mum did ALOT of pram research and this was the lightest and easiest to fold

    major plus point for us was that alot of the pushchair parts only recline back as a whole unit. This is more traditional as in you can lie it right back.....better for older baby.

    The material is great and has not marked.

    i have it in brown and cream and love how it is abit diff to everyone else's pram.

    i have no negatives totally love this pram  

  • Does anyone have one of these ? Am very tempted but would like to see a few more reviews 


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