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Talkback: 8 spooky clues you might be pregnant


  • if you get a positive test at home believe it youre pregnant , because its rare that a woman can get a false positive from a home test then go to the doctor an get a negative test .although some test are more sensitive than home test.
  • I’m getting very faint positive lines even having to squint to see it. I’m so confused. I wanted to put a picture up but don’t know how so maybe someone can see and give me advice ? I’ve seen the same result as mine on other mums tests but I don’t know :(
  • I got told you can still get pregnant in the implant..I have most of the signs of pregnancy .. should I go to the docter and do a test ?
  • I'm 6 days late I have been having lots of heart burn and my daughter is so clingy. I took a few test and all are negative should I wait a few more days to test or just do a blood work test?
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