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Talkback: Is it time to rethink the rule on 'no formula for newborns' in hospital?


  • I was attempting to bf. I could express so I was shown to the fridge area and noticed huge supplies of instant milk bottles. My so ended up with jaundice cause I struggled to express by hand and needed a pump and it took 2 days to suggest it and then I got sent home with a broken pump...had a breakdown and ended up on formula. I understand breast is best but a fed baby is so much better than a starving baby!
  • I was given formula at the hospital and we fed our baby via a small cup. The nurses simply asked which brand we preferred. My milk didn't come in for ages, so the formula kept us going.
  • My eldest 3 were bottle fed and milk was provided in the hopital, my 3 year old and 4 week old were breastfed and i know they dnt supply milk in the hospital anymore wich i think is wrong just incase for whatever reason mum cannot feed or needs help. Im a firm believer in fed is best x
  • My baby was given formula as my milk didn't come in for a few days following emergency c section. This resulted in baby finding it difficult to latch on and ended up preferring the bottle. After struggling to establish feeding and expressing to sustain baby I ended up giving up on bf and now baby is formula fed. I feel like if formula wasn't available I would have pushed harder to get a good latch and would have breastfed for longer.
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