Talkback: How to do the naughty step


  • My son screams and crys when I put him on the naughty step, its a real trauma, i do the whole putting him back on when he gets off, but I haven't tried it with a timer, maybe I will see if that helps, he is always very apologetic and we always hug it out, but i think he gets quite traumatised about the whole situation.
  • Accept any apology and don't make the whole thing blow up again by arguing that they don't appear sincere. They have done what they have been asked. Also, consider calling it the 'thinking' or 'time out' spot. Children's behaviours are usually a reaction to the environment and not being able to explain their needs and frustrations. labeling them 'naughty' is pathologising normal childhood development.

    If you are parenting a child who has experienced developmental trauma, then may want to avoid the timeout/thinking spot all together until they have developed a secure attachment and don't experience time out as shame inducing and rejecting.

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