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Talkback: 10 of the best potties and toilet training accessories


  • I don't think that Pampers Easy Ups and Huggies Pull Ups should be in the list for best potty training aid. Everyone I know that has used them has said the same thing - their child still thinks of them as nappies. Actual training pants are a much better option and easily wash, saving you money as well. And why are there so many potties in the list? Surely some good books should be in there?!
  • Yet again, madeformums came through as always. I have been using your site to since I found out I was pregnant in 2018 and almost all the pregnancy and baby items bought were chosen based on the reviews here with absolutely no regret as so far. We are about to start potty training and here I am again to find out the top rated potty. We have decided to go for the Venture Uk Potty plus WC, I love the fact that its a toilet replica and got the silver award so win win!
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