Talkback: It's another boy for Danielle Lloyd!


  • coming from someone who's found it incredibly hard to concieve i think she should be happy to be having her 3rd healthy baby, regardless of the sex shes very fortunate, embrace your boys Danielle i hope your disappointment turns back to happiness and you continue to enjoy your healthy pregnancy. image


  • I understand how she felt, I felt the same way, which is why we chose NOT to find out the sex of our second baby at our scan. I knew that once baby was born and I was holding my child in my arms gender wouldn't be an issue, but I didn't want to feel disappointed or upset for the second half of my pregnancy... I also think that its great that Danielle Lloyd is honest about these feelings! We all know we are very lucky to be able to have children but it doesn't stop you having a split second of selfishness... Its human nature!
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