Talkback: A day in the life of... a male midwife


  • I had a male midwife with my middle child, now 4! He was no different to previous midwives I had and I didn't treat him any differently, at the end of the day they are there to help you and your baby be safe and that's the most important thing, regardless of gender! And believe me ladies, when your in pain just wanting your baby out, the pope could be "down there" and you juat wouldn't care less lol! X

  • What an interesting story. I bet he is a good midwife, because you can tell he loves his job. I don't see why anyone should give a male midwife any grief, they will be so glad of him, if he happened to turn up to do a delivery of baby in their family. I do agree about to much paperwork, think its happening every where, they need to cover their backs, so everything has to be recorded. Maybe they should have a machine attached to him all day whilst working, and things can be said and at the end of the day he gives it to a secretary to type up, everything would be recorded throughout the day on the machine, bet it would save some time. I feel sorry about the young girl, sadly it goes on, not a lot you can do really, give them lots of support and be there for them, no reason why anyone cant be a friend to a young mum.

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