Talkback: New push to teach children to swim


  • with holly not being at school yet but swimming being so important we've decided to teach her ourselves the first steps of swimming and becoming confident in the water. I'm a really good swimmer and she's doing great so far.  I do agree with Victoria above if it cost a bit less it would be much more accessible to more parents, and maybe if leisure centres gave parents discounts over the weekends or offered weekend swimming classes when time is more available, school can be for teaching and weekends leisure when there is more time for the children to really get involved.

  • Our school only does 6 half hour sessions each year, in the summer term. So that's only 3 hours. I wish they did it all year round. Even if they did though, it would only be 9 hours a year. To be fair though, if they really did 22 hours a) it would cost parents loads and b)they would lose so much time to it they would probably struggle to teach them to read and write!
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